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The podcast for the short-term accountant. Hear candid stories of what life is really like in the Big 4, how public accounting compares to private industry, how to survive busy season, avoid burnout, and what options are available outside of public accounting. Break down professional walls and get advice on how to maintain work/life balance and prioritize your mental health.

Taking you on this rollercoaster are co-hosts Darlene Nacional, a former Big 4 accountant, and Keegan Marquis, CPA, who left public accounting for a job in private industry.

This podcast will take you on the journey of life at B4 and the possibilities After.

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Career Paths After Public Accounting w/ Recruiting Manager Heather Ceresoli

October 6, 2021

Wondering what options are available after public accounting? You won't want to miss today's interview with former Big 4 Accountant & Recruiting Manager Heather Ceresoli!

Listen in as Heather shares:

  • Her journey from public accounting to finance, and ultimately to recruiting
  • Her advice on when it's the right time to leave public accounting (and whether you should wait until after busy season)
  • The different career options available after public accounting (some of them might surprise you!)
  • Her advice for how to capitalize on your Big 4 experience to advance your career
  • Where to start if you're thinking about making a career change

Want more guidance on navigating your accounting career? Contact Heather at